Maybe I should do an introduction to software defined networking with iproute2 some day.

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@clerie so what do you define as SDN then? given it saids as mutch as we are using AI. :D

@erikk Yeah maybe not the best term for this, but for me SDN is primarily abstracting away physical components in your networking. To make it proper SDN there should be some kind of central dynamic management maybe.

@clerie Ah nice, so more stuff like network virtualzation funtions or some other buzz word term :D. Are you doing that netns stuff with nixos btw? And ifso do you have some examples somewhere?

@erikk No, I haven't done netns with nixos yet. This heavily implies more things sadly. But I really like doing it for testing other stuff when using debian.

@erikk So you need to fork the current networking module somehow and find a way to execute modules in netns' on a generic way.

@clerie ah mhe, but understandable. It would have been awesome to provision applications/services automatically in a specific NS or automatically create a new NS for each one.

@clerie @erikk since the<name>.*Config options take arbitrary inputs which will be translated 1:1 to systemd network units, the NixOS module would not need changes to work with the new code

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