Wi dokumentiere ich am schönsten DC Cross-Connects in Netbox?
Circuits kann ich ja leider nicht direkt bei mir am Patchfeld terminieren lassen und muss die dann noch auf der Rückseite verkabeln, was an sich irrelevant für mich ist.

@clerie I just terminate the circuit in the rack wirh the label and use that, you could also do patch panel and then front// back ports and cable to the circuit if you would but this depends a lot on what you want.

@erikk So the thing is, that I document the patchpanel anyway so I wanna use it.

@clerie Yes so your patch panel got front ports and rear ports. And connect the circuit to the rear port. So it goes like this.
Device <-> Front port <-> rear port <-> Circuit <-> Rear <-> Front <-> Device.

@clerie where the front and rear are of the patch panel.

@erikk Yeah, but I can't connect circuits directly to ports. Thats a bit meh.

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