recap of 1y being in Ilmenau: signal processing, student associations and network stuff aren't so scary anymore

They also provided a lot of interesting links, I'll leave a few here:
book about data feminism:

Equal Street Names Brussels:

German association for feministic internet politics:

Zeige Konversation

In their project, they analysed the street names in Leipzig and launched a website with information about the distribution of gender among the streetnames named after a person.
According to "EqualStreetNames.Leipzig", 929 out of 3202 streetnames are named after a person, with 93,65% being male (cis) and 5,92% female (cis). No street name in Leipzig is named after a trans person.

All websites seem to be linked here (not sure if that's their official project website):

Zeige Konversation

Oh, the last research group is actually from Ilmenau ^^

looking forward to the next talk about "Designing an ethical technology project with the help of Data Feminism"

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ohh the "WorkAdventure" thingy (actually topia world) of the INFORMATIK2021 looks so pretty!

reconsidering my mate consumption

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"bei der kommenden Bundestagswahl wird es dreimal so viele Wählende über 60 geben wie Wählende unter 30 Jahren" uffffff

redet mit euren Eltern und Großeltern!

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found some old lyrics I've written years ago, totally forgot about these! ... off to the guitar! ^^

waking up to calm music is so lovely. Seems like they were already testing the PA system, luckily they chose to play some calming acoustic songs for now

can't await today's dancing workshops :blobreachbounce:
last class was waaay to long ago

nerdy computer vision song 

motivation for tomorrow's exam:

any recommendations or ideas on how to implement a Raspberry Pi tablet and/or e-book reader?
So far I found out about these:
- RasPad, CutiePi
- portable touch screen monitor (+battery pack mounted on back or so :D)
Are there maybe even e-ink approaches?

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i think instead of jeff bezos there should be dragons

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