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At the moment the Q&A with the director of “The Cleaners” takes place at the Audimax. You can watch it live at

The second show of ISWIsion is live now! Watch at or come to the EAZ!

We are now live from the World Food Festival at the Eishalle with ISWI Garden in cooperation with

The first show of this years ISWIsion is live now!

Aktuell sind wir für beim Spatenstich des neuen Rechenzentrum der TU Ilmenau

The problems are fixed and everything should be back to normal.

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Currently some parts of the FeM-Net are down because of a failure in our network management system. We are working on fixing the problems.

In der Campus-Sporthalle veranstaltet das FeM Projekt Robotik eine Air Race Copterchallenge. Ziel ist es autonom möglichst viele Runden um zwei Stangen zu fliegen.

The problems are solved. Everything should be up and running again.

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Currently some services (primarily web hosting) are down because a VM host crashed. We are working on bringing it back online.

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Eine Mastodon-Instanz gehostet im Thüringer Wald von FeM e.V.