I get a bit jealous when watching this from germany

How did the Dutch get their cycle paths?

From now on I want to ask people for their Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number (MSISDN) instead of just their phone number.
Yes, I'm reading about GSM for fun, it's a good calming ritual before going to sleep

TIL: pandas can print tables directly to latex. Just append append ".to_latex()" and it gives you code you can just paste into a document. I really like this because tables are one of the least usable features in latex

Neuer Akku im Handy. Mal sehen ob es jetzt wieder länger hält. Der neue ist leider auch schon von Ende 2020

Hm, my HEnet tunnel has like 20% packet loss right now for some reason

git commit -m "This is incredibly ugly but less ugly then before"

Has anyone here used bcachefs? On first glance, it looks like BTRFS but without the stability issues

Can anyone recommend me a progressive trance internet radio station? Ideally without anyone talking in between. psychedelik.com went offline for some reason but I need something for working. Thanks :)

For context: I'm thinking about using it for backups on an old Synology NAS without btrfs support and with cheap/used HDDs

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Has anyone here used bup github.com/bup/bup/ ? It's the only incremental backup program with forward error correction that I could find

I found another tool for my horrible shell scripts: gnu parallel. I especially like the --shebang-wrap mode.

Just replace #!/usr/bin/python with #!/usr/bin/parallel --shebang-wrap /usr/bin/python and suddenly the python scripts takes many inputs

I had some refactoring to do yesterday so I wrote myself a bash shortcut to quickly rename things:

rreplace () {
rg -l "$1" | xargs -t -I@ sed -i "s/${1}/${2}/g" @

I can only write C a little bit at a time. Then I need a break from pointers and weird conventions. I hope that gets better over time

Why are we teaching people || and && if we could teach them or and and?

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TIL: You can use (not condition) instead of (!condition) in c++

And unique pointers with std::move ar nice. This must be what rust feels like

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