1 pair of gloves makes 2 gloves makes 2 pairs of gloves, right? Anyway I have a spare pair now...

Does anyone know a crossposter from Instagram to Mastodon?

Missing description: View from above Ilmenau. Cloudy but still warm

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I'm looking for an affordable SDR to play with wifi in the 5GHz-Band, so than 20MHz, better 40MHz bandwidth of tunable up to around 6GHz. So far the best option seems to be the PlutoSDR with the "firmware upgrade" hack. Does anyone have experience with that or even a better option?

TIL: LLDP apparently also goes through dumb switches

Könnt ihr mir Podcasts über Amateurfunk-Grundlagen empfehlen? Am besten aufgebaut wie der rfc-Podcast.

I'm looking for podcasts about amateur radio basics. Can you recommend one?

OH: Wer braucht Lehrgänge? Wir haben Aufkleber!

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It seems that I can build most of the #OpenWrt #toolchain on #FreeBSD with a few hacks.

The filesystem utilities (mtd-utils, e2fsprogs etc) are not necessary for my purposes, so I don't mind too much right now.

It would be awesome if anyone else interested in this could reach out to me for exchange.

Please #boost, thanks! :)

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Anti-adblock requests on websites 

If you tell me not to use an adblocker on your website I will infact use my adblocker to block that element because I hate adverts to my core and I would block every advert ever if I could.

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