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Yesterday, I finally pushed my current source code implementing the Exposure Notification API to the @microg git repository.
This will allow using apps that use the Google/Apple framework for COVID-19 contact tracing on Android devices without the Google tracking it usually involves.

The current code is already functional, but still needs some improvements before it's ready for general public, but I am certain it's going to make it in the next @microg release.

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Holy shit you guys! The #EU has adopted a standard to measure how repairable something is!


This means the path is now clear to make actual laws requiring companies to make their products repairable.

#EN45554 #Repair #RightToRepair

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Beat Saber ist ja schon nice, aber dafür das Geld für ne Oculus Quest ausgeben?

Bin jetzt nicht sicher, wie viel ich davon mitgenommen habe: 🧠💥 youtube.com/watch?v=4v9A9hQUcB

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❓ Poll: Have you ever had to report content in your feed to a fediverse mod?

Followup: how fast was the response time?

Boosts requested; I'm writing an article about the moderation of decentralized networks.

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A s*** font that f***ing censors bad language automatically, using ligatures


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Apparently, someone wrote a proof showing that it is impossible to parse C++

"[A] conforming compiler should be able to decide whether x is a function or variable! If such compiler exists, however, we can use it to solve the Post Correspondence Problem for any input, which means we can use it to solve the Halting Problem."

#cpp #compiler


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var of = [1, 2, 3];
for (of of of) console.log(of);

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Was die Leute mit “schön hier aber waren sie schonmal in Baden-Württemberg?” übrigens meinen ;)

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Ohne Worte:
Use Facetime, WhatsApp, Google Duo because “respectful privacy policies, ” — @gdbelvin link.medium.com/2dHbnBewN5

Ein Scanvorschau im Scanner ist schon sehr praktisch.
Dafür müsste er aber auch das Dokument in der Qualität anzeigen können, in der es gespeichert werden soll.


Wenn jemand nach dreckigen Bildern von mir fragt, habe ich jetzt das hier:

Weil ich versuche, selten wie möglich einzukaufen habe ich gerade 2 Einkaufsbeutel auf einmal benutzt.

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